The Art of Negotiating – Avoiding Negotiating Traps

Not Negotiating for Yourself Results in Lower Expectations of You Overall by Others To help women better position themselves for negotiating -- whether for salary purposes or to get better assignments -- the League is doing a series of articles with tips and techniques to help local government women improve their skills by learning [...]

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The Art of Negotiating – New Series from the League

Women who fail to negotiate their salaries at the start of their careers could leave up to $2 million on the table over the lifespan of their careers. By Pamela Antil, ACA - City of Santa Barbara, CA & President, League of Women in Government Many people dread negotiations of any kind, but studies show that [...]

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Happy (UN)Equal Pay Day!

Women Can’t Wait Until 2059 For Equal Pay The Pay Gap Adds Up! By Laura Bates, Founder - The Everyday Sexism Project (article reposted via TIMEIdeas) April 12 marks Equal Pay Day—symbolizing how far into the year women have to work on average before their earnings catch up with what men earned in the previous [...]

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