Today’s Workplace Tip: Challenge the “Likeability” Penalty Applied to Women

66 percent of women receive negative workplace performance feedback on their "personal style," compared to less than 1 percent of men.   Today’s Tip is the next in a series of tips on how to be a good workplace ally to women in your organization compliments of our partner, Situation Women face a double [...]

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Today’s Workplace Tip: Encourage Women to Go For It!

Today’s Tip is the next in a series of tips on how to be a good workplace ally to women in your organization compliments of our partner, SITUATION Women are prone to more intense self-doubt than men, and it is not because we’re missing a special confidence gene. Women face an uneven playing field at [...]

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Today’s Workplace Tip: Make Sure Women’s Ideas are Heard

We’ve all heard the myth that women don’t support each other—but it’s not true. Women can be powerful allies at work, and there are simple things we can do every day to celebrate and advocate for our female coworkers. Together we can level the playing field and go further faster. Today's Tip is the first [...]

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Guest Blogger Marianne Cooper on Why Women (Sometimes) Don’t Help Other Women

It’s not because they’re inherently harsher leaders than men, but because they often respond to sexism by trying to distance themselves from other women. By Marianne Cooper, Ph.D., Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University There are two dominant cultural ideas about the role women play in helping other women advance at work, and they [...]

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By SHERYL SANDBERG and ADAM GRANT, Reposted from the NY Times At the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, the Norwegian cross-country skier Therese Johaug was vying for her first individual gold medal. Fresh off a world championship in the 10-kilometer race, she was now competing in the 30-kilometer. More than a grueling hour later, Ms. Johaug [...]

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The League + Partnership: Join TODAY to Get 2 for the Price of 1!

Women accomplish amazing things when we support each other. The League + is a Winning Combination! By LWG Editor When a woman helps another woman, they both benefit. And when women celebrate one another’s accomplishments, we’re all lifted up. Together women can do more, go further, and change the world. LeanIn.Org was founded by Facebook [...]

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