Valerie Martinelli, MPA on The Powerful Truth About Not Speaking Up in the Workplace

By Valerie Martinelli, MPA – Leadership, Life, & Career Coach/ HR & Management Consultant  Women talk less than men. It is only a societal myth that we talk more. When was the last meeting you went to in which the women spoke longer and in more detail? In my professional experience, it is rare. It [...]

Guest Writer Alex Jones on Girls and Early Leadership Experiences & Combating the “Leaky Pipeline” of Leadership

Girls and Early Leadership Experiences: Combating the “Leaky Pipeline” of Leadership By Alexandra Jones, MPA Candidate – The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill The Numbers Don’t Lie There is a leaky pipeline of women up the leadership hierarchy. Take a look at the disturbing statistics: women in the United States make up 50% [...]

Important Message About ICMA + League Symposium: Event is NOT Sold Out! Need a Ticket? Read On…

San Antonio Symposium Tickets NOT SOLD OUT! Contact ICMA Customer Services NOW to Register for the 2017 ICMA University + League Symposium   IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE LEAGUE OF WOMEN IN GOVERNMENT: If you tried to register yesterday for the ICMA Annual Conference and our ICMA University Workshop, you may have received a message that the InclUSiveness......It Starts with US! Symposium [...]

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Valerie Martinelli, MPA on how to Unlock Opportunities to Authentic and Powerful Leadership – Conclusion

By Valerie Martinelli, MPA – Leadership, Life, & Career Coach/ HR & Management Consultant  This is the conclusion to Val’s two part article on unlocking opportunities to authentic and powerful leadership. Part 1 can be found HERE. Your Career = Your Identity? Another facet of owning who you are requires you to not only be [...]

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2016 League Symposium Speaker Liz O’Donnell on Working Women, Aging Parents: Some Advice For Caregiving Daughters

In absence of any formal support system, those of us with experience caring for our aging parents must mentor employees with mothers and fathers. By Liz O’Donnell, Author, Mogul, Mom & Maid: The Balancing Act of the Modern Woman and founder of (reposted from WBUR) As a working mother I appreciate the many articles offering advice [...]

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JOIN THE ICMA PAST PRESIDENTS AND 'N SYNC & DONATE TO THE LEAGUE TODAY! Dear Colleague: Over 50 percent of employees in local and state government are women, yet less than 20 percent of  the most senior executive level of local government are women. I'm sure you agree that while we have made progress in the workplace for women, [...]

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League + ICMA University Symposium 2017: InclUSiveness…..It starts with US!

  By LWG Editor The League of Women in Government is so excited to be partnering once again with the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) for this annual Symposium Event! Here are some of the program details: KEYNOTE SPEAKER: This year our Keynote Speaker is none other than Dr. Michael Kimmel, the world's most prominent [...]

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LWG Interview with ICMA President Lee Feldman

"Diversity is the core of successful communities." -- Lee Feldman, 2017 ICMA President By LWG Editor Recently, League of Women in Government President, Pamela Antil, ICMA-CM, talked with the 2017 International City/County Management Association (ICMA) President Lee Feldman. Mr. Feldman, ICMA-CM is the City Manager of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Pam and Lee talked and shared thoughts on [...]

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All You Need To Know About Equal Pay Day

And the progress that's being made (and not made) across the country! Images compliments of American Association of University Women, 2017 Equal Pay Day — which takes place Tuesday, April 4, this year — is the symbolic day when women’s pay finally “catches up” to the wages that men took home the previous year. [...]

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