LWG Interview with ICMA President Lee Feldman

"Diversity is the core of successful communities." -- Lee Feldman, 2017 ICMA President By LWG Editor Recently, League of Women in Government President, Pamela Antil, ICMA-CM, talked with the 2017 International City/County Management Association (ICMA) President Lee Feldman. Mr. Feldman, ICMA-CM is the City Manager of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Pam and Lee talked and shared thoughts on [...]

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Mini-Documentary film about the League Symposium NOW a SEMIFINALIST!

VOTE NOW THROUGH APRIL 4th! Angelica Wedell's Mini-Documentary is now a SEMIFINALIST!   By LWG Editor UPDATE: The Symposium Video is now a Semifinalist! Now you can vote for Angelica's film through April 4th. See link below...... The League is pleased to announce that the Mini-Documentary, Steps Toward Gender Balance, produced by NRC, Inc.'s Marketing [...]

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Guest Writer Jan Perkins on Marching for Our Ancestors

Still Marching After All These Years! We Won’t Go Back! By Jan Perkins, Senior Partner, Management Partners (former city manager) On January 21st, a beautiful sunny day, I participated in the Orange County Women’s March in downtown Santa Ana along with a number of friends and over 20,000 other people of all ages and cultures, [...]

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Who is YOUR Mentor?

What We've Learned From Our Mentors By LWG Editor National Mentoring Month officially began in 2002 to draw attention to the need for youth mentors across the nation. It has since become a celebrated event in the workplace both in the public and private sectors. A Mentor is a person that can work with [...]

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AMAZING Women, Accomplishments & Goals…

What are YOU most proud of achieving in 2016? What are YOUR goals for 2017? 2016 will go down in the record books as one of the most unusual, controversial years in history! Between the discord of the national election and unprecedented civil discord across the world to the unbelievable athleticism of the summer Olympics [...]

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Guest Writer Tom Miller on the City Manager of the Future

History proves there has been an enduring role for government and its leaders... By Tom Miller, President & CEO, National Research Center, Inc. (reposted with permission from NRC, Inc.) The Role Of Government We have all witnessed an ebb in public trust of government, mostly at the federal level, but also infiltrating local government. History, however, [...]

Guest Writer Jan Perkins on They’re Thinking It, So We Might As Well Hear it!

The Importance of: By Jan Perkins, Senior Partner, Management Partners (former city manager) It can be scary to ask people for genuine feedback, because it requires you to be vulnerable and to open yourself to criticism. You risk learning that a project you poured your heart into was perceived by others as less than successful, [...]

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Guest Blogger: Dr. Frank Benest on the Magic Behind High-Performance Teams

By Frank Benest, ICMA Liaison for Next Generation Initiatives I’m a mid-career manager in a large water district. The division team that I supervise is involved in water conservation and recycling programs. I also lead several project teams involving internal and external groups. During my career, I’ve participated on a few great-achieving teams and some [...]

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Guest Blogger Cheryl Hilvert on The Value of Public Service

By Cheryl Hilvert, Management and Leadership Consultant & Former City Manager, Ohio As I look back on 31 years of local government service I am both pleased, and humbled, by the importance of the work that we people do, the people I have met, and all the many things I learned along the way. While [...]

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