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Coaching Corner

Who Benefits from Coaching? EVERYONE!

Why? Because coaching offers value for people at any stage in their careers. As in sports, coaching helps even the best players do better because everyone can benefit from:

  • Sharing best practices;
  • Gaining perspectives from others who can help them see their situation: and
  • Opportunities from a fresh perspective.

Coaching works best when the relationship is based on helping someone improve their individual job performance with specific goals vs. the longer term relationship one forms with a mentor. (More information on mentoring can be found on this website under the “Mentor” tab.)

Specifically the differences between coaching and mentoring can be described as:

Differences between Mentoring and Coaching



Focus Individual Performance
Role Facilitator with no agenda Specific agenda
Relationship Self selecting Comes with the job
Source of influence Perceived value Position
Personal returns Affirmation/learning Teamwork/performance
Arena Life Task related


The League participates in and offers several opportunities for coaching, including the tips further down this page, including:

One on One Coaching Calls:

For more information about individual one on one coaching, email us: Tips & Tools:

We are so proud of our partnership with and want to share our membership with YOU. As a Lean In Partner, we receive support from LeanIn.Org’s efforts to reach gender equality and empower women to achieve their ambitions. As a partner,  we have access to Lean In programs that help women develop critical skills and organizations counteract gender bias. As a result, more women are prepared to take the lead. These tips and tools are shared on this page and are updated regularly.

Webinar Coaching Program:

In addition to one on one coaching and our website tips, the League of Women in Government is proud to be an ICMA Coaching Program Outreach Partner which allows our members to be a part of a larger network of coaches from across the nation.

The ICMA Coaching Program offers a webinar format to serve as whole team learning experiences — more than one person can be on the call, if you choose, from your organization. Members also have opportunities for Speed Coaching and 1-1 Coaching models to provide the appropriate structure for advice at multiple stages in a career.

To participate in the group webinar coaching series through ICMA, follow the link on the ICMA Coaching page HERE.

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