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Mentors and Mentoring

The Other “M” Word…How the League Can Help You Get the Most Out of a Mentoring Relationship

A Mentor is a person that can work with individuals as a source of wisdom, teaching and support. Generally, the relationship between the mentor and her protege or mentee is a long term relationship where the focus is on supporting the growth and development of the person being mentored. Establishing a mentoring program for women in local government is one of the goals of the League and was a primary recommendation in the Report from the Task Force on Women in the Profession issued in 2014.

Sometimes the term “coach” is used interchangeably with mentor, While similar in their support of someone’s development, they are very different disciplines in practice. (More information on coaching can be found on this website under the “Coaching Corner” tab.)

Differences between Mentoring and Coaching



Focus Individual Performance
Role Facilitator with no agenda Specific agenda
Relationship Self selecting Comes with the job
Source of influence Perceived value Position
Personal returns Affirmation/learning Teamwork/performance
Arena Life Task related


Why Seek Out a Mentor?

Mentors challenge us to think differently and to open our eyes and mind to different perspectives. While each of us develop at our own pace, it is reasonable to believe that this type of influence is positive for all of us.

A mentor is a personal advocate for you, not so much in the public setting, but rather in your life. Many organizations recognize the power of effective mentoring and have established programs to help younger professionals identify and gain support from more experienced professional in this format.

Why Be A Mentor?  

Mentoring a colleague in local government can be a very rewarding endeavor for both you and the mentee. In fact, whether formal or informal, most of us can attribute part of our success to others mentoring us throughout our careers. Mentoring is one way to “pay it forward” to not only the next generation, but to our peer colleagues as well.

League Mentoring Program

The League Mentoring Program was established to so women could help other women succeed in local government!

For Mentors:

Unfortunately we often have more requests for mentoring than actual Mentors who are willing to give the time necessary to foster a successful mentoring relationship. Our goal is to ensure that those who need mentors are matched up with someone who can spend the time necessary to help a mentee grow and maximize their full potential.

For Mentees:

A mentoring relationship is fundamentally driven by the mentee’s desire to maximize their full potential in some area of life – be it personal, career, or some combination. To match a mentee with an appropriate mentor, we need to know a little more about YOU. Our program is easy – tell us about yourself, where you’re at and where you’re headed in your career. Based on the information you provide, we first make an assessment as to whether you are looking for a mentor who can assist with helping you advance your career or a coach, someone who can assist you with a specific problem in your career at this time.


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