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Career Corner

We know League members are on the move and upwardly mobile, but sometimes need some support getting there. So, we’ve asked practitioners and experts in the field of executive recruiting to share their knowledge and expertise on everything from the perfect resume to the questions you should always expect at every interview. And from what to wear on a second interview to typical errors recruiters see over and over during the recruitment process.

New posts will be added to help put YOU on the right track to the next big step in YOUR career!

If there is a particular topic or question that you have for our panel of experts, email the League at INFO@LeagueOfWomenInGovernment.org. We are happy to help!


Career Corner: The Art of Negotiating – Avoiding Negotiating Traps

Not Negotiating for Yourself Results in Lower Expectations of You Overall by Others To help women better position themselves for negotiating -- whether for salary purposes or to get better assignments -- the League [...]

Career Corner: The Art of Negotiating – Women and Negotiating Salaries

Women who fail to negotiate their salaries at the start of their careers could leave up to $2 million on the table over the lifespan of their careers. By Pamela Antil, ACA - City of Santa [...]

Career Corner: The Art of Negotiating – Guest Writer Amber Cameron on Selling Yourself Short on Salary Negotiations

Amber Cameron on Are YOU Selling Yourself Short on Salary Negotiations? By Amber Cameron, Strategic Operations Manager – City of Palo Alto, CA  “Is it too greedy?” my friend asks. “Absolutely not! You deserve to be [...]

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