Best 4 Questions for Your Mentor

By Jo Miller,  Founding Editor of Be Leaderly.com Have conversations with your mentor gotten a bit repetitive lately? Perhaps you approached someone you admire, and bravely asked that person to become your mentor. And they said “yes!” But a year into the relationship, those monthly mentoring conversations don’t seem to invigorate you like they used [...]

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Mentoring Corner: The best jobs for every personality type

Reprinted from BusinessInsider.com By: Skye Gould and Richard Feloni Your level of job satisfaction may have something to do with how well your role fits your personality. The Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator personality test, which measures preferences like introversion and extroversion, has been part of business culture for decades. Today about 80% of the Fortune 500 and [...]

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Mentoring Corner/Today’s Infographic: The 6 Stages Of Career Development

Career Development Infographic: Which stage are you in??? Reprinted from Business Insider/Aol Jobs.com By Mariya Pylayev Do you recognize yourself? Is age a stage? Do you think there are seven or eight stages of career development? Review the infographic and tell us where you fall in the comments at the bottom!

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Mentoring Corner: The 10 Career Mistakes Everyone Makes Early On (and What You Should Learn From Each One) – Lesson #10

Reprinted from: LeanIn.org By: Stephanie Taylor Christensen (This is the final segment in a ten part series from LeanIn.org) Lesson #10:  YOU DISAGREED WITH YOUR BOSS—IN THE OPEN Let’s say your manager invites you to share a project’s findings at a meeting attended by lots of company bigwigs. Your presentation goes off without a hitch: The attendees [...]

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