All You Need To Know About Equal Pay Day

And the progress that's being made (and not made) across the country! Images compliments of American Association of University Women, 2017 Equal Pay Day — which takes place Tuesday, April 4, this year — is the symbolic day when women’s pay finally “catches up” to the wages that men took home the previous year. [...]

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Guest Writer Karen Daly on Why conversations about sexual harassment remain in the 1980’s & what to do about it!

By Karen Daly, ICMA Mountain Plains Regional Director I've recently had the unfortunate opportunity to visit with several colleagues about sexual harassment situations.  While this issue has been around for a long while, it confounds me that I think the conversation is the same as it was in the 1980's.  "Don't file a complaint because [...]

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Mini-Documentary film about the League Symposium NOW a SEMIFINALIST!

VOTE NOW THROUGH APRIL 4th! Angelica Wedell's Mini-Documentary is now a SEMIFINALIST!   By LWG Editor UPDATE: The Symposium Video is now a Semifinalist! Now you can vote for Angelica's film through April 4th. See link below...... The League is pleased to announce that the Mini-Documentary, Steps Toward Gender Balance, produced by NRC, Inc.'s Marketing [...]

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The Powerful Opportunities in Advancing Feminine Leadership

By Valerie Martinelli, MPA - Leadership, Life, & Career Coach/ HR & Management Consultant We talk a lot about how we can get more women into leadership positions. Mentorship and coaching are very critical parts of this, however, what about role models? We all have those that we have looked up, whether they are family [...]

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Missed Last Year’s Symposium in KC? Check out the Symposium Video..

AND Don't Forget to Register for Updates About the 2017 San Antonio Symposium! By Angelica Weddell, Marketing and Business Development Development Manager - National Research Center, Inc. In this video, local government professionals at the 2016 League of Women in Government (LWG) Symposium address the low percentage of women [...]

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How Can Men Show Support of Women in the Workplace?

#BeBoldForChange By Pamela Antil, ACM - Santa Barbara, CA The Women's March on Washington, Women's History Month, and now International Women's Day on March 8th -- these are all great celebrations to remind us to contemplate women in the workplace, equal pay, and gender equality. But, what if you're a guy? How might you show a [...]

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Why Aren’t There More Female Chief Executives?

To Move the Needle Forward, We Need YOUR HELP! By LWG Editor Over 50 percent of employees in local and state government are women, yet less than 20 percent are represented at the most senior executive level of local government. The League is working hard to move the needle forward! But, we need YOUR help! [...]

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March 8th is International Women’s Day….How Will YOU Celebrate?

IWD 2017 campaign theme: #BeBoldForChange Posted from International Women's Day as a vehicle for change, is it possible? Last year, organizations and individuals around the world supported the #PledgeForParity campaign and committed to help women and girls achieve their ambitions; challenge conscious and unconscious bias; call for gender-balanced leadership; value women and men's contributions [...]

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Our Symposium Keynote Will Answer the Question: What does feminism have to do with men?

By LWG Editor The League of Women in Government is partnering once again with the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) for our annual Symposium Event! The Symposium program planning is well underway and keynote speaker Dr. Michael Kimmel has been secured: KEYNOTE SPEAKER: This year our Keynote Speaker is none other than Dr. Michael Kimmel, [...]

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Today’s TED Talk: Carol Sankar on How Confidence is a Beautiful Accessory

The Confidence Factor Women in the United States are to earn at the same capacity as men by 2020. Although the research suggests the same, we are finding details that due to the confidence of women, that number would probably be more significant around 2025. Due to this compelling research that I [...]

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