AMAZING Women, Accomplishments & Goals…

What are YOU most proud of achieving in 2016? What are YOUR goals for 2017? 2016 will go down in the record books as one of the most unusual, controversial years in history! Between the discord of the national election and unprecedented civil discord across the world to the unbelievable athleticism of the summer Olympics [...]

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Guest Writer Jan Perkins on They’re Thinking It, So We Might As Well Hear it!

The Importance of: By Jan Perkins, Senior Partner, Management Partners (former city manager) It can be scary to ask people for genuine feedback, because it requires you to be vulnerable and to open yourself to criticism. You risk learning that a project you poured your heart into was perceived by others as less than successful, [...]

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Guest Writer Jacolyn Thiel, P.E. on the Value of Working with Strong Women Through a Professional Association

  Having a strong group of women to work with leads to some great advantages. By Jacolyn "Jackie" Thiel, PE, City Engineer, City of Upper Arlington, OH WTS stands for Women’s Transportation Seminar. Many may find it a strange name, but this was the original name from when the organization was founded in 1977 as [...]

Moms in the Top Job?

Guest Blogger Linda Kelly on the Top 10 Reasons Why.......... By Linda Kelly, Town Manager - Windsor, CA In honor of Mother’s Day 2016 and our Guest Blogger's 10th year as a city manager (and with deepest apologies to David Letterman), here are the Top Ten Reasons why moms rock as city and county managers, police [...]

Who Paved the Way for Your Success? We’d Like to Recognize These Important People!

By League of Women in Government Editor Although women currently account for about 21 percent of all local government chief executives today, research shows that it continues to prove difficult for women to break into these top executive positions.  Percentages are even less in traditionally male dominated fields such as public safety, engineering, and utilities. We're working [...]

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