By LWG Editor It’s been another busy year for the League. We’ve heard you loud and clear that having a spot where local government women AND men can visit to read content about advancing women in government is essential. We’re also very proud of the original content being written by our supporters and [...]

Guest Writer Leelannee Malin on Rules for Women for Networking

Just Give Me Five: The Rules of Engagement for Women in Networking By Leelannee K. Malin, PhD – Principal & CEO, Malin PR I received a group email from an associate whom I had collaborated on several projects.  We run in similar political, business and social circles. The email shared some job opportunities available within her network.  She [...]

Today’s TED Talk: Courtney Martin on Reinventing Feminism

Blogger Courtney Martin    examines the perennially loaded word "feminism" in this personal and heartfelt talk. She talks through the three essential paradoxes of her generation's quest to define the term for themselves. In her upcoming book, The New Better Off, Courtney E. Martin explores how people are redefining the American dream with an eye [...]

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Our favorite Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau on courage and standing up for gender equality

"Equality … is not a threat. It is an opportunity." -Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in New York City on Wednesday night, where he announced that Canada was putting its name forward for a seat on the United Nations’ Security Council. He also received a special commendation for forming [...]

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Former City Manager & ICMA Liaison Jan Perkins Explains Her Story & Career Resiliency in Local Government

Interview of Jan Perkins by Samantha (Sam) Ferrigno, Membership & Marketing Manager, ICMA Recently I was reading PM magazine searching for leadership articles or quick tips that I chould share on this blog, and I thumbed across 'Building Career Resiliency: Hone Your Ability to Grow from Adversity.' The article includes great takeaways and common traits and practices [...]

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Building Flexibility Into The Way We Work

Overworked? Overwhelmed? You're not alone. By Erin L. Kelly, Professor, Institute for Work and Employment Research, MIT Sloan and Phyllis Moen, Professor, University of Minnesota Overworked? Overwhelmed? You're not alone. Seventy percent of employed Americans say work interferes with their non-work lives. Over half feel they don't have enough time with their children or spouses. [...]

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8 Tips for Managers to Close the Gender Leadership Gap

Closing the gender leadership gap is an imperative for organizations that want to perform at the highest levels. Leveraging the full talents of the population provides a competitive advantage; companies with more women in leadership roles perform better, and employees on diverse and inclusive teams put in more effort, stay longer, and demonstrate more commitment. [...]

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Seeking Members: Join the #13Percent Club

"You must do the thing you think you cannot do." - Eleanor Roosevelt   By Julie Underwood, Assistant City Manager - Daly City, CA By now, many of you know that there hasn’t been many of us in the #13percent club . And I’m making an educated guess that this number is even smaller for female [...]

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Welcome to the League of Women in Government!

Welcome! We're glad you found your way to our new website. The League of Women in Government (LWG) was created to serve as the umbrella organization to support local and statewide organizations that advance women in local government leadership. We want to move the needle forward on the number of women serving at the most senior and executive levels in ALL areas [...]

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GovLove: #13Percent Discussion

GovLove is the most popular local government podcast online today.  Check out this week's episode, where Kirsten Wyatt and Bridget Doyle have a spirited conversation about #13Percent and some of the solutions (and impediments) for women who want to take on leadership positions in local government.

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