Help Us Pay It Forward to Women in #LocalGov & Win the BATTLE OF THE SEXES CHALLENGE!


We need YOUR help!

We’ve been challenged by the female ICMA Past Presidents to help raise $3000 in less than 22 days for the League of Women in Government thereby beating the women’s record set in 2017. But, we can’t do it without YOUR help. We all support the League and the work they are doing to advance women in local government and we really want to win this bet!

The Situation:

Over 50 percent of employees in local and state government are women, yet less than 20 percent are represented at the most senior executive level of local government. Although we don’t know all of the reasons why women are underrepresented, we do know education, training and development are the keys to increasing diversity of all kinds in organizations. Further, we know from research that gender balanced and inclusive organizations are more financially sound, innovative and successful.

The Ask:

To that end, we are asking YOU to join US in our support of the League of Women in Government by making a donation to the League’s 2018 Annual Fundraising Campaign. The League is counting on our support and we hope you will join us in making a donation to the League today. Since the League is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, your donation is tax deductible.

To double YOUR donation’s impact, we will be matching the first $1500 in individual donations! That’s how much we believe in the work the League is doing.

For What:

The League has been working hard to provide training and development opportunities to women in local government, especially in areas where no organized women’s group or committee exists. In addition to the3rd Annual League of Women in Government + ICMA University Symposium this year in Baltimore on September 22nd, the League is sponsoring and partnering with other organizations and MPA programs to support its mission to Educate, Mentor, Encourage and Support women in government. Because the League does not charge a membership fee or pay any salaries, it relies on corporate sponsorships and donations from individuals like US to make these opportunities happen across the country.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of making a much needed donation to the League of Women in Government. To donate today and pushing us one step closer to winning this challenge, CLICK HERE.

Thank you in advance for your consideration to help us win this challenge!

Sincerely Your ICMA Past President Fight Team,

Simon “Smokin” Farbrother, 2013-14 ICMA Past President

James “The Clown” Bennett, 2014-15 ICMA Past President

Lee “Stylin” Feldman, 2016-17 ICMA Past President

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