Who Benefits from Coaching? EVERYONE!

We need YOU! The League has partnered with ICMA to assist with recruiting more female coaches for the ICMA 1-1 Coaching Program. To that end, we are working to recruit 100 female coaches in 100 days! Why? Because coaching offers value for people at any stage in their careers by providing coachees with insight from a fresh perspective.

As in sports, coaching helps even the best players do better because everyone can benefit from:

  • Sharing best practices;
  • Gaining perspectives from others who can help them see their situation: and
  • Opportunities from a fresh perspective.

Coaching works best when the relationship is based on helping someone improve their individual job performance with specific goals vs. the longer term relationship one forms with a mentor. (More information on mentoring vs. coaching can be found HERE.)

The theme for the 2018 1-1 Coaching Program is “Strenghthening Connections.” And we are looking for women of all ages and experience to be coaches. Once a coach is registered, she may be contacted by someone who desires to discuss in confidence various aspects of one’s careeer development or a particular problematic work situation. It can be a one-time, periodic conversation or an ongoing relationship. Most coaches – even first time coaches – find that coaching is engaging and energizing. All coaching counts towards the annual professional development requirements for the ICMA Credentialed Manager program.


To volunteer as a 2018 coach, fill out the Coaching Registration Form HERE.

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