Women in Police Leadership – How do we get from 3 Percent to #Gender Balance?

The Imporance of Diversity, Gender Balance & Inclusivity in Law Enforcement

By LWG Editor

League of Women in Government President, Pam Antil and Angelica Wedell, Marketing Manager for National Research Center, Inc. (NRC), are working with the  Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA)‘s Executive Session on Police Leadership to help advance women in law enforcement through the production of a video series for the BJA. The BJA Project began at the end of 2011. Taking a long view, the project directors invited a multi-disciplined group of public safety professionals to lead the effort. In an innovative approach to the project’s work, those principals lead field teams to research the Police World, Organization and Leader of the Future. The research series and papers can be found on the BJA Leader Website.

Due to the success of the first round of projects from the 2011 funding, the federal Bureau of Justice Assistance awarded the Executive Session on Police Leadership team a new grant in November 2015. The work the League is doing, in partnership with NRC, will be a series of video vignettes on the imporance of and work being done to increase diversity, gender balance and inclusiveness across the country to ensure more diversity in policing. This video is the first in this series.

The League will continue to work with the BJA, with an emphasis on leadership in the current policing environment, on the cultural change challenge and on diversity and the urgency of inclusiveness. For more information on the League’s work in this area, email League President, Pam Antil at Pantil@LeagueOfWomenInGovernment.org.


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  1. Angelica Wedell July 20, 2017 at 8:23 pm - Reply

    National Research Center, Inc. understands the need for police departments across the country to build closer reflections and relationships with their communities. You can visit n-r-c.com to learn more about us and see how our customized survey research can help police and other public sector entities bridge the gaps with residents.

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