What Are Your New Year’s Goals?

2016 goals


By League of Women in Government Editor

Every year we spend a lot of time thinking about New Year’s resolutions. Lose weight. Spend more time with family. Save more money. Get that great new job.

But, how much time do we spend setting specific objectives to reach our goals? Turns out, not much!

Rather than simply resolve, “get new job,” how about listing what would assist you in that quest? For example:

  • Set up one networking meeting for lunch or coffee every other or every month with a professional you respect/admire to share your goals and hear about how they reached theirs;
  • Join and attend statewide and regional events to update skills and continuing education or certification requirements;
  • Volunteer for state or national professional organization, committee or task force assignments to share and increase your knowledge, as well as give back to your profession;
  • Reach out to local and nationwide recruiting firms to indicate your interest in pursuing new opportunities and if offered, to have your resume reviewed; and
  • Review job posting websites each week to ensure that you do not miss an opportunity to apply for the perfect job.

What are your goals for 2016?


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